1. Shiner

    In the game of UFC violence is glamourous.  I wanted to create a violent glamour of sorts. 

  5. No Butts About It  augmented jockstrap

  6. Footage of Inside the Octagon on opening night of Fresh Baked Goods.  Watch a teaser full version HERE

  7. Inside The Octagon  A combination or performance, and multi-media installation for  Fresh Baked Goods in Pittsburgh PA.   Semi-professional wrestlers and referees were hired to compete in submission grappling matches for an art audience.  The rules set was a combination of regulation standards mixed with a few of my own personal requests.  When there were no performances scheduled, a sculpture of two wrestlers was placed on the custom built mattress, and video footage of the match played on a monitor on an adjacent judges table.  

  8. Full Mount in motion

  9. Let’s just take it slow.

  10. Full Mount